Cam Newton Changes His Tone On Pivot Podcast: Opens Up About “Humanistic Mistake”

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NFL Quarterback Cam Newton and his outfits are back in the headlines.

Newton recently sat down with The Pivot Podcast to discuss his career in football.  You know he couldn’t resist sharing his thoughts about what real women should and shouldn’t do as well. The NFL free agent made sure to clean up his original statements  about how women don’t cook anymore.   Newton pointed to what HIS mother and grandmother did in the house growing up and compared them to not one, but two entire generations of women, suggesting that the Millennial and Gen-Z women don’t cook nor do they know how to let a man lead. This time around, he threw men under the bus as well, for a little razzle-dazzle, saying that men should work to be better listeners. Interestingly enough, Cam also opened up on having a child out of wedlock, bringing him to a whopping total of seven children (five who he fathered biologically).

Cam casually addressed cheating on the mother of 5 of his children, ShaKia Proctor:

“My long-term girlfriend at the time, you know, we had a family,” he paused. “I made a mistake and I had a child outside of our relationship. Coming from where I come from, being the person that I am, no one will ever speak on it because we got a lot of people in high power make humanistic mistakes, and I can honestly say that I made a humanistic mistake,” he said.

Bossip reported on rumors that the opinionated athlete stepped out on his long-term partner and  welcomed a child with a former Miss Azerbaijan, La Reina Shaw back in January of 2020. The rumor was soon confirmed when both parties began posting pictures of the child and attending events together. Things continued to get messy for the QB when he then filed a paternity suit against the mother of his five children, former shake dancer turned stay-at-home WAG, turned single mother of five. In September 2020, Kia aka baby mama #1, countersued Cameron for full custody of the children and upwards of $15,000 per month in child support. Cam Newton, who has an estimated net worth of 75 million dollars didn’t contest support payments, but asked that the court determine the support amount.

In the time that has passed, it seems that all parties have come to terms with their situation and seem to co-parent accordingly. Cam has done some reflecting on his misadventures. He addressed his relationship with the children and how his choice has affected how they see him.

“With my kids now it’s like, if I’m not ‘Superman’ to them, then I’ll be damned if the rest of the world will call me ‘Superman.’ It is embarrassing to talk about, that situation molded me. I just stopped caring what people thought about it.”

Cam appeared calm and reserved in the interview as he opened up more about wanting to throw in the towel with football, his second chance with the Carolina Panthers, and believing he should be a still starting Quarterback. Check it out here .

Atonement is necessary for healing and we wish all the best to the entire Newton clan.

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